You can choose from a range of assessments designed to provide you with a snapshot of your current physical condition:

Physiological fitness assessments:

our physiological fitness assessments involve exercising at different workloads whilst cycling or running.  This enables us to measure your body composition, lung function, exercise economy, fuel utilisation, lactate threshold and VO2max and accurately assess your current fitness levels, understand how your body responds to exercise and identify accurate training zones.

Lactate Profile Assessment: £95

VO2max Assessment: £125

VO2max & Lactate Profile Assessment: £195

VO2max, Lactate Profile & Body Composition Assessment: £250


Functional Movement Analysis:

this assessment involves completing a series of low-intensity movements which tell us how well your body moves and which muscles may be under or over-active and if you have any muscle imbalances which will increase your chance of injury and limit performance in your chosen sport.


Functional Movement Analysis: £75


Sports Nutrition Assessment:

following completion of a 7-day food and physical activity diary we will analyse the information and identify any deficits in your current diet.  During your consultation we will provide specific nutritional advice to improve your performance in your specific sport.



Sports Nutrition Assessment: £75

Field-based performance assessments:
these assessments are ideal for clubs, squads and teams, where large numbers of people need to be assessed. The assessment will be tailored to your sport and can include: body composition, flexibility, power, speed, agility, endurance, speed/endurance.  



Field-based performance assessments: £250/half day

All our assessments include a feedback session and written report.