Professional Education

Our third key principle is professional education. We offer a range of educational opportunities to individuals, groups, businesses and organisations including 1:1 consultations, workshops, conference presentations and media appearances.

Advice Consultations £45

This is an opportunity to speak to one of our experts with any exercise, fitness or sports performance related questions you may have. This can be offered face to face at our clinic in Devon or via telephone/video call.

Performance Workshops £150/1 hour, £250/2 hours

These interactive workshops are ideal for groups of athletes, coaches, schools, clubs, businesses or organisations. We are able to offer workshops on a variety of exercise & sports science themes either at our clinic or at your chosen location.

Conference Presentations £POA

With our wealth of experience in professional education, international research and exercise & sport science support we can deliver on a range of topics at research, coaching and sports performance conferences. Please call us to discuss your individual requirements.

Media Appearances £PAO

We can provide input on a wide range of sport and exercise science related topics for newspapers, magazines, television and film. Please call us to discuss your requirements.